Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Esther's Grapes

Grapes grow very well in this part of Connecticut.  The first fall at Hangman Hill we noticed wild grape vines covered with dark purple grapes growing in the trees and on the rock walls that line our property.  The smell was intoxicating and we made grape jelly by the quarts.  We just enjoyed the last jar only recently (and yes it was still good!).

It is that time of year again and just this morning we caught that scent as while walking to the garage en route to work (this is one benefit of a detached garage).   During a walk this evening we met Esther, our neighbor just up the road on Hangman Hill at the Cool Breeze Farm.  She insisted that we take some of her cultivated grapes. She had been canning grape juice for two days and was looking to share the joy!  It must be a good year, the grapes taste as good as they look.    Esther and the grapes are two of the many things we love about living on HHR.

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Brenda said...

nice work! I made grape jelly a couple of years ago without gelatin, and it came out too thick, like honey. Did you use gelatin, or just temperature?