Sunday, June 13, 2010


We both spent the week in Merrimac, WI at Devil's Head resort at the Land O' Lakes conference held by the U of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy.  We also spent a brief time in Madison and caught up with Julie Martyn (former resident of the Brown house with Sheri), Mike and Sue Capp (long time friends of both of us) and George Zografi (advisor/mentor to both of us).  It was good to see old friends and colleagues, hike around Devil's Lake and learn a few things too.   Of course we sampled some fine cheese and good down home cooking while staying at Devil's Head.

Bruno and Sheri on the Merrimac Ferry

This weekend was dreary, but the first of the raspberries came in!  With any luck, we might have strawberries (the last few), raspberries and blueberries ripe at the same time.  The cool weather has provided an extended arugula and asparagus crop that we hope will hold us until the peas start coming (we had 3 so far!).  Jillian, our Face of Produce for June, brings peas (2 of 3), arugula, the last of the strawberries and first raspberries.

June's Face of Produce

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Chris Cander said...

I am so totally in love with you both and your garden and your marriage. You typify for me what life is all about...XOXO