Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Sheri's birthday staring with tea and yoga in the bright sunshine in preparation for a full day in the garden (weeding, havesting strawberries, keeping plants around the house in check). In the evening we made our first pilgrimage of the season to Watch Hill for dinner at the Olympia Team Room with Jo and Eric. The food was fantastic, especially the desserts and we were reminded why it is a favorite. The skies cleared following a shower during dinner,  inviting us to walk to the beach and up to see the newly opened Ocean House. The photos speak for themselves. It was a wonderful night! Thanks to Mr. Royce for rebuilding that beautiful hotel, to Jack Felber for a wonderful seaside dining spot and to Joe and Eric for being such great friends with whom we can celebrate life's milestones.


mara said...

after looking at that sky in the last picture i don't think i'll ever hand a blue crayon to one of my kids to color "sky" :-)

Andrew Parker aka Teleplanker said...

Happy birthday Sheri!