Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things that start with the letter "c"

The events last week included some amazing progress on the garage and house renovations. The garage dormer has siding and windows, while the 2nd floor in the house now has new hardwood floors. There was much, much more that happened this week; a few things fall into the TMI ("too much information") category, so we will spare you the details!

Purple carrots are ready for picking in the garden. The are dark purple on the outside, almost beet color, but orange on the inside. And the taste, you must come over to try them out...

Bruno's construction skills are once again coming in handy to restore the bedrooms with their new floors back into routine use. He is restoring baseboards and patching some holes in the walls in preparation for re-painting and re-furnishing the rooms.

And finally, it turns out that child's pose is a great post-colonoscopy recovery trick. In fact, there are a few yoga poses that can help move unwanted trapped gases associated with that favorite routine exam. The doctor's and nurses at Westerly Hospital are still shaking their heads remembering Sheri doing yoga alongside her bed during her 24 hour stay.

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Brenda said...

I can't believe you mentioned "Carrot" and "Colonoscopy" in the same post.
I hope you're doing well!