Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is the latest update from the rash of "things that stopped working". This started 2+ months ago with the dishwasher, and was followed by a major storm that wiped out acces to the Internet and the TV, the chainsaw that died while trying to clear tress that fell during the storm, the electric fence for Kokee, Kokee's staph infection, S & B get a major summer cold....

Bruno spent the last 36 hours riding out Hurricane Bill replacing the dishwasher with Sheri standing by (the human clamp, holder of the spirit level, coffee/tea brewer). We now have a new dishwasher that brings us out of the 2-month washing dishes by hand (in 90 degree weather) slump (oh how we suffer). Hopefully this is the keeping with a trend towards "normal".

Unfortunately Elmer (the weathers station) stopped working just before the hurricane hit and Kokee has been reacquainted with "the collar" due to another staph infection. Stay tuned for more....

We did enjoy a nice dinner at Skipper's Dock in Stonington Borough with Jo and Eric last night. It was a perfect evening at Skipper's, good sunset, with a few sprinkles and a rainbow We were later amused by slide-splitting hilarity from local thespians who performed "Dress for Dinner" at the Granite Theater in Westerly. It was nice to have break in the dishwasher repair!

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