Monday, July 24, 2017

Overnight on Mt Isolation (NH)

On Saturday morning we set out to hike to Mt Isolation (4004'). With good weather in the forecast, we elected to break up this relatively long hike with a stop overnight and camp just below the summit. This would give us the chance to spend a little more time relaxing and enjoying the views from Mt Isolation, and to enjoy dinner and an evening high in the mountains.
From the Rocky Branch Trailhead we took the Rocky Branch Trail which led us along and across a beautiful river. There were 5 "major" crossing and lots of rock hopping over tributaries in between the crossings At the last river crossing we took the Mt Isolation Trail to the Davis Path which lead us to the summit of Mt Isolation. We arrived at the summit to find mostly clear skies. The views of the Presidential range, including Mt. Washington, were fantastic. We enjoyed lunch and spent some time talking with other hikers, many who came via the Glen Boulder Trail and Boot Spur Path (ridge of Mt Washington).
A brief stop for lunch
At the summit (Mt Washington in background)
Late afternoon brought some high level clouds which was a cue to hike back down the Davis Path to a secluded spot where we set up camp for the night. After a dinner of lentil curry and sip of Maker's Mark we settled in for the night. We enjoyed the sounds of distant fireworks from the Mt Washington Hotel as we fell asleep.
Our secluded campsite
In the middle of the night the the clouds dispersed leaving a stary night. We were so glad we opted to sleep with just the inner tent. We woke to the faint light of dawn which unfolded into a clear, cool and sunny day. The hike back to the car was pleasant as we hopped rocks and crossed streams and rivers.
This leaves just seven more mountains to climb to complete the forty-eight 4000' peaks in New Hampshire.

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