Friday, April 14, 2017

Back in the mountains

Last weekend we made a trip to New Hampshire to enjoy the end of the winter season.  We were blessed with decent weather, so we were able to enjoy one last day on our cross country skis and a hike using our new snowshoes.

On Day-1 we went to Prospect Farm in Jackson and skied practically every trail there.  Conditions were possibly the best conditions of the season because it had snowed earlier in the week and there were very few people out on the trails.

On Day-2 we drove to the Waterville Valley and enjoyed hiking up Mt Tecumseh (4003').  This summit is next to a down-hill ski area and we were able to get great views of the slopes along the way.  They still had plenty of snow, and the sun shone on the skiers and hikers below.  To finish the day we had dinner at the newly re-opened Thompson House Eatery (T.H.E.) in Jackson and really enjoyed the experience.

Perfect conditions at Prospect Farm

A dead moose.  Was it hit by a skier?

Bright skies and sunshine on the trail

Fantastic views

Using our new snowshoes

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