Monday, August 8, 2016

Das Barbeque and a Jigsaw

We have often enjoyed trips to the theatre with our friends Eric and Jo, so during our recent vacation in New Hampshire we decided to go to the Barnstormers summer theatre in Tamworth. We had a lovely pre-play dinner at Hobbs brew-pub and then enjoyed a mad-cap play called Das Barbeque. The play is an adaptation of Wagner's ring cycle set in Texas and staged by just five actors.  There was plenty of hi-jinx and lots of very quick costume changes!

Another tradition that we have when the four of us get together is games and puzzles. You can see below that we successfully completed a 1000-piece jig saw as part of our vacation.

1 comment:

Eric and Jo said...

Technically a 999 piece puzzle. Unless the missing piece finally made an appearance.