Monday, April 25, 2016

Une visite de la famille de hancock

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Michael, Margaret, Alex and Charlotte Hancock who stayed with us here at Hangman Hill.  Michael, Bruno's cousin, and his family live outside of Paris.   They were spending the school vacation here in New England, and were so pleased they spent some of their time with us.

We were very lucky to have warm weather with abundant sunshine so that we could take them to East Beach in Westerly, one of our favorite spots. Alex and Charlotte braved the waters, build sand forts and collected shells. Michael and Bruno launched a kite which flew easily in the brisk April winds.  There was also a contest for the best shell collection, as presented by Alex and Charlotte  The judges declared each a winner, with Charlotte having the most diverse collection and Alex with the most unusual specimen.

After a morning on the beach we picked up sandwiches at Sandy's, a local favorite for fine foods and take-out lunches.  We took our  sandwiches to Dave's Coffee in Charleston, RI for a picnic.   It was  a relaxing way to enjoy a leisurely lunch outside and enjoy coffee from a local roaster.

Before heading back to Hangman Hill for an evening meal, we stopped at Wilcox Park in Westerly to enjoy the cherry blossoms and flowers.  The pond was full of goldfish and we spotted a few turtles swimming or sunning themselves on logs. Charlotte and Alex were able to get a spot on the much loved rabbit which resides in the middle of the park. We drive by the park frequently, but rarely take the time to enjoy it.   It was so nice to have an excuse to stroll through the park.

It was a short visit with the Hancocks, and we truly enjoyed their company.  We hope to visit them in France one day soon.

Collecting shells

Charlotte braves the Atlantic in April
 Warming  up after a swim

 Bruno and Michael flying  a kite

Watch Hill lighthouse from East Beach

Fun in Wilcox Park

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