Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkin People Return to New Hampshire

The Pumpkin People have returned to Jackson, NH and neighboring towns.  This event is sponsored by local businesses that participate by creating "people" made from real pumpkins.  During our travels with DiAnn and Mike around the Jackson area we were able to see many of the Pumpkin People displays.  This year the event offered some really creative uses of pumpkins, gourds and more.  We included photos of some of our favorites below.

Bruno, Kokee and Sheri as Pumpkin People

 Alice and Wonderland (Backcountry Cafe)

 The Presidential Range (Wentworth Hotel)

Rudolph and Friends (Snowflake Inn)

 Muppets (J-Town Deli)

 Donald Trumpkin (The Puzzle Box)

 The Band (Wildcat Inn and Tavern)

 Laundry Lady (Jackson Art Center) 

 Rapunzel (E-SKImos Ski Club)

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