Friday, August 7, 2015

Vacation in the White Mountains: A sunny day on Mt Washington

Bruno's parents, Nick and Pam spend a week with us at the Chalet in New Hampshire. One of the highlights was a ride on the cog railway to the summit of Mt Washington.  After several days of unsettled weather we were very happy to wake up to sunny skies on the day of our scheduled trip.  The ride on the train was relaxed and enjoyable. Once at the top we took a tour of the Mt. Washington Observatory (MWO).  We learned about the history of recording the weather on the top of Mt Washington and sources of the extreme weather.  We were surprised to learn that the highest recorded temperature on the summit of Mt Washington is 72F.  We didn't get to meet Marty the cat who lives at the summit.  However, we did see the living quarters where Marty, a full time staff, several interns and a couple of volunteers stay while working at the MWO.

Bruno on the train to the top

Cog railway to Mt  Washington

Sheri, Bruno, Pam and Nick waiting to catch the train

View from the top of Mt Washington

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