Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July in New Hampshire

We spent the last week in New Hampshire working on renovations at the chalet. We tackled a variety of jobs, for example:
- fixing a leaky shower in a cavity wall (see picture below)
- assembling an Ikea bed
- installing an invisible dog fence for Kokee
- re-hanging four doors to stop them sticking
- installing three towel rails and some hooks in the upstairs bathroom
- cleaning out the junk/storage room so we could find our hiking gear
- hanging four closet doors
- building the casing for a custom bathroom cabinet
- installing a dehumidifier
- cleaning the stained tiles around the woodstove
- shopping for table lamps and ceiling lights, and installing them
- measuring for mirrors and window screens

We also explored several local restaurants including the Shovel Handle pub and a very nice Mexican eatery. Later in the week we rode our our first hurricane (Arthur) and found all of the places that water can come in during a storm!

Yesterday (July 5th) was a splendid day, so after a big breakfast (of bacon and eggs) we hiked to the top of Iron Mountain. The views were great (see pictures below) and we had a picnic at the viewpoint (including a thermos of tea). Kokee found lots of muddy puddles too, so everyone was happy.

In the evening we attended the Independence Day firework show in nearby Jackson. It was a great show and we were smart enough to take the back-roads so that we could avoid the traffic jams.

This week we are back to real work and we will be enjoying life at Hangman Hill Road.

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