Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas in New Hampshire - Part 1

We decided to spend our Christmas vacation at our chalet in New Hampshire to tackle a few of the decorating projects and to get in some early season skiing and snow boarding.  It was a great break from work, despite the fact that we only achieved some of our lofty goals!  We will have to dedicate a few blog postings over the coming days to describing all of our activities while we were there.

The first challenge was fitting ourselves, a double bed, two weeks of supplies, a dog, and two cats into the car.  It took us a hour-and-a-half to pack everything in like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, with the cats balanced on top of everything else.  Fortunately we had upgraded to a bigger vehicle earlier in the year and we were just able to fit everything in.

Upon our arrival in New Hampshire on December 23rd we were greeted by a 1" layer of ice on everything.  This necessitated a quick trip to the hardware store for some sand and ice-melt to make sure that we did not fall down unloading the car.  This took less than the time taken to pack, but only by a few minutes.  The cats survived their first ever road-trip in the US and we were able to get a good nights sleep before Christmas eve.

The first job on Christmas eve was to assemble the bed that we had previously purchased from IKEA.  This necessitated a trip to buy plywood for reinforcing and to buy beer and wine (also for reinforcing, but of a different kind).  We completed the assembly of the bed at 1 minute past midnight on Christmas eve and then went to bed.  The cats got a good nights sleep, but for us it was a little more cramped than ideal!

Christmas day emerged as a bright and sunny day.  We had a relaxing breakfast and set to unpacking our various gifts.  These were mostly very practical gifts like saucepans, mixing bowls, door mats, maps, and warm clothes.  To fit them all in the car they had each been creatively packed inside of each other like a very complicated Russian doll set.  Once that fun was over we went for a long walk with Kokee and tested out our new winter clothes.

Based on these first few days it looked like Christmas was going to be a lot of fun.  You will have to read our next few blog postings to see if our holiday continued to live up to its early promise!

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