Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Blueberries Take First Again

We enjoyed a fantastic evening of relatively cool weather opening night at the 2013 North Stonington Agricultural Fair.   We convinced Mark to come along which resulted in some great photos (see the Ferris wheel below) and enjoyed having him along.  We know Jen, who was in Spain, France and Germany last week enjoying some fine dining, was so sorry she missed the fair food!

The AKC dog show, always a favorite, didn't disappoint with dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors, and levels of talent too.  The dog dancing was back, and the frisbee demo too.

We did very well in the produce competition this year taking first for blueberries and gooseberries.  There were some very happy sheep, cows, goats and chickens, oh my, and some fancy-pants tractors too.  All of this, only 1/2 mile down the road!

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Eric and Jo said...

Way to keep the streak going. Congratulations on the award winning produce from HHR. Your trophy case must be getting full by now.