Thursday, December 13, 2012

And on the 3rd day.....

On the 3rd Day of Christmas my blog gave to me......three split boards (snowboards, that is)

In preparation for a trip to Colorado in February we have been slowly acquiring snowboarding equipment that will allow us to go in to the backcountry (away from the lifts and crowds).  We managed to find a three complete sets of boots, bindings, skins and split snowboards at the right price on eBay.  These are an early Christmas present to ourselves!

A split snowboard comes into 2 halves that are worn like skis for the uphill sections, and then clip together to create a snowboard for the downhill terrain.  See here for more information.

Having got our gear assembled we just need some snow to test it out.  Hopefully we will be able to take a trip up to Vermont over the Christmas break.  In any event, we have a trip to New Hampshire planned in January for avalanche training.  Wish us luck!

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Eric and Jo said...

Those skis look funny. They look like the skis would go in opposite directions from each other.