Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekend in the White Mountains, New Hampshire

In celebration of Canada Day and in advance of the July 4th holiday we took a long weekend to go to New Hampshire to spend time in the White Mountains.  We camped at Crawford Notch in the Dry River Campground and hiked some local peaks.   The campsite was nicely appointed and we tested our new tent purchased along the way when we decided it was time to upgrade a 20 year old tent for a bit more space.  The tent held up in the rain and we appreciated the space to read and relax on the first morning when we awoke to a light rain.  No need to check in at the Mount Washington Hotel just down the road.  The rain soon stopped and we enjoyed mostly dry weather the rest of the weekend.

On Friday we hiked to the tops of Avalon and Field on the West side of the notch.   The hike was mostly below tree line, but we had a few nice views to the top of Mount Washington.  On Saturday we did a nice loop to Mts Webster and Jackson and back via the Mitzpah hut.  To Bruno's delight the Mitzpah hut was serving afternoon tea.  We had one rest day and explored other areas for future camping trips and hikes that would take us above tree line.

View from Mt Avalon towards Mt Washington

On Monday we did a great ridge hike to the peak of Mt Jefferson.  The hike started in lovely boreal forest and quickly opened to a rocky ridge that afforded views and some rock hopping.  Kokee had a great time scrambling; we continue to be amazed what she can climb.  We had some patchy weather with a short downpour just at the peak of Jefferson that lasted long enough to pull out the rain gear.  The sun soon returned and we had a quick lunch on a rocky spur before heading home to Connecticut.

Ridge trail to Mt Jefferson

Bruno just below the base of Mt Jefferson

A tired dog is a happy dog

Find more photos of our weekend in the White Mountains here

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