Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break in Colorado

We returned last weekend following a week at Breckenridge, CO spent on boards and skis.  We were pleased to find plenty of snow when we arrived, and enjoyed spring-like conditions for the whole week.  We found a great condo that was a short walk to a lift or into town.  While we didn't receive any fresh powder,  warm temperatures and sunny skies made for a great week.  We were out everyday either XC skiing on nearby trails, or riding our boards at the resort.  We found some great views on the XC trails and a sauna that will be destination for the future on some moonlight night with towel in hand.  There was a lot of great terrain for riding snowboards, and we also had fun exploring the town of Breckenridge in the evenings.  The town is quaint and feels like a western town that has become modern without loosing it's charm.  We had a short visit from Kerry, Sheri's sister.  It was great to share a day of skiing/riding followed by a fine dinner at Twist - a fun, new  restaurant that we highly recommend.  It was a great week of being outside, enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise.  Seven days of sunshine and mild spring temperatures makes for a good week just about anywhere!

You can see a short video of us riding on the last day of our stay in Breckenridge here.

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