Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Trip to Vermont for 2012

We traveled to Vermont over the weekend in search of snow and some snow covered peaks.   Packing up the car on Friday with predictions for 6-8" of snow in CT for Saturday wasn't easy.   But we were so glad we did we woke Saturday morning to light snow on the Green Mountains.  Indeed it snowed in Connecticut too, but in Vermont we found enough snow to play with.  Also, we had a nice time at the Thames Ski Lodge with fellow TSC members.

On Saturday we went to Bald Mountain in Menden armed with snowshoes and a picnic lunch.  There wasn't enough snow to require snowshoes (so we were glad we weren't on snowboards at nearby Pico Mt). We have fond memories of hiking the same trail with Jo and Eric in the peak of fall color, so it was fun to hike it in the snow (and in some places ice!).  On Sunday we traveled to southern Vermont were the snow was a bit deeper.  There we had a great day on XC skis in Londonderry on the Viking trails.  We can't say enough about how nice it is to XC ski on the Viking trails, the people and trails are lovely.

Overall it was a great weekend.  We were glad to see the recovery effort from Hurricane Irene had paid off.  While evidence of the storm remains, much of the hard hit areas like Menden have made tremendous progress!


Eric and Jo said...

Glad to see you got to get some skiing and snowshoeing in.

Jo and Eric said...

So cool that our card was a winner!