Friday, November 18, 2011

Two-Steppin' in Texas

Sheri joined her sister Kerry in Texas to pay a visit to their grandmother "Mimi" for a long weekend.  They enjoyed mild temperatures and sunny skies. Their visit included lunch with cousin Chris, a short visit with Mimi at Kruse village, brunch with cousin Sara and a few days in New Ulm with Aunt Cindy and Uncle John.  It was a relaxing few days and they really enjoyed their time with everyone.  The extended draught in Texas is taking a toll on the flora, and also to the morale of those living there.  While landing in Providence it was nice to return to the lush state of the East Coast.

Mimi and Kerry
 Cindy, Sheri, Mimi, Kerry and Chris
 Cindy and Mimi
 John's to be named new friend
 Kerry Sara and Sheri

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