Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the second half of our weekend basking in the delight of water running from the taps and switches that activate lights, sound and motion.  This included restoring Command Central back into a working kitchen and doing several loads of laundry.   The fridge and freezer are now clean and free of UFO's (unidentified food objects) that have been lurking for years.  We had a celebratory dinner at  Mark and Jen's house on Saturday night, and were pleased we could arrive clean and dressed in clothing that was pulled not at random from a dark closet.

"Command Central" just before the power was restored

By Monday we were back to "normal" with Sheri working in the yard and Bruno returning to the downstairs bathroom renovation project.  Irene left a lot of limbs and branches in the yard,  the veggie garden required some damage control.  While Sheri was picking up sticks and re-staking tomatillos, Bruno installed the new IKEA bathroom vanity with help from Mark.  There was a lot of grumbling about actually doing labor on Labor Day.   However, the multitude of power tools that were used in a single day suggests there was SOME fun involved.  Once again, Mark's help was appreciated.  It is just too bad the tractor wasn't somehow involved.

Mark and Bruno tackle the IKEA vanity
(Note: We only allow Mark to work when he wears this shirt)

We are heading back to work this week and hope the rain from Tropical Storm Lee doesn't cause too much flooding locally and to our neighbors to the north.  

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