Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Merry Month of May

The month of June seemed to arrive unexpectedly leaving us wondering what happened to the month of May.  It has been nearly onne month since our visit to Raleigh, and last blog post; it is hard to imagine what has kept us too busy to upate the Blog.  So here is a quick update on what we have been doing:

Bruno traveled to Wisconsin to teach a course at UW which gave him the chance to visit Eric in Jo in their new home in Milwaukee.  They are settling in and have found a nice place near the lake and close to the University.  He also had lunch with George Zografi, and a nice visit with long-time friends Mike and Sue.

We enjoyed a very nice evening out with our friends Cindy and Ted at the Ocean House.  We thought it would be good to kick of the summer season and enjoy an evening in Watch Hill before the summer visitors arrive.  It was a lovely evening, and drinks, food and the company all were excellent.

The month of May brought a lot of rain and mild temperatures which has been good for the plants in the garden, especially the weeds.  We elected to take an extra day for the Memorial Day weekend to allow time for weed management, to plant the last of the seedlings, paint the entryway, and rest (?).  We did take time out one night for a play at the Granite Theater which was a  hilarious comedy that left us chuckling as we walked out of the theater.

The garden news is that the strawberry harvest has begun.  Please send us your favorite strawberry recipes.

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