Sunday, April 3, 2011

Signs of Spring

Slowly things are emerging from the ground and the transition to spring feels more official these days. The grass is just starting to turn green and some flowers would certainly brighten the brown-grey residue of a long winter.  So far the crocuses are shining merrily and the daffodil flowers look as if they will open any day.

The peas were officially planted on April 2nd.  Can you see them yet?

Bruno is currently getting settled in Brazil where he will be working next week.  The travel was reportedly uneventful, if not long.  His trip report thus far suggests he has his priorities in the right place!  A prize is being offered for the correct identification for the offering on the saucer.

While Bruno was navigating his way through Portuguese, Sheri and Kokee made the first trek of the year to Barn Island.  The temperature was nearly 60 degrees (F) which accounted for the many cars in the parking lot.  We met some nice folks and their dogs.  The views to Watch Hill and the sand dunes at Nappa Tree have us longing for a late afternoon swim and a ride on the Carousel.  You can see some more photos from Barn Island here.

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