Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter fun

We have enjoyed several great weekends on the trails in Vermont this winter.  The conditions have been very good for both riding snowboards and gliding through the remote Vermont countryside on XC skis. It was surreal on one occasion to dig our way to the garage and out the driveway only to drive to Vermont which had considerably less snow than we had in Connecticut.   Thankfully, the Green Mountains were still there making the 4-hour trek worthwhile!

We had an excellent, but LONG day in skiing Goshen starting at Blueberry Hill.  We skied well beyond the boundaries of Blueberry Hill into the Moosalamoo Wilderness area.  It is a pristine area and we shared the trails with just one other-a self-described "former Californian who came to Vermont for a few years...30 years ago".    It was nice to meet someone who lived in and loved that wilderness so much and was willing to share it with us.

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