Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dishwasher: Chapter 3

We are getting back into the swing of work and home after a nice vacation that included some time in the Adirondacks and Cape Cod. We were pleased to find garden full of produce when we returned so we hare busy processing tomatoes, freezing green beans and cheering on the cardoons which are blanching in the garden. The cardoons should be ready for harvest next weekend, stay tuned for an update.

This weekend started out with sunny, but increasingly cooler temperatures. We spent much of Saturday in the yard and garden chopping down trees, spreading mulch, planting irises and harvesting raspberries (they are still going!). After a pancake breakfast on Sunday, we embarked on the latest development with the dishwasher repair, replace and install saga.

During our week of vacation, while Bruno's parents were visiting, the door of the new dishwasher developed the ablility to open far enough to allow the rack of plates roll off the door and onto the floor. While Kokee thinks this is great fun, especially when the plates are in the "to be washed" stage, the rest of us are not so amused.
Armed with tools, mirrors, and a sense of humor, we pulled out the dishwasher and re-engineered a new a stop mechanism to replace the original "doomed for failure" design. We really know how to have a good time!

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