Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visit from DiAnn

DiAnn arrived midweek for some respite from the deary Pittsburgh weather. The skies haven't exactly been clear at Hangman Hill either, but the temperatures are rising. As far as respite, an eager dog with a new toy (from her grandmother) make relaxing with a book or knitting a challenge.

We celebrated DiAnn's birthday on Friday by taking her to New Haven for a lovely dinner at an Italian Bistro followed by a concert with John Prine at the Schubert Theater (a dedicated blog to follow). The sun came out that afternoon, we had a great dinner and John Prine and his band were AMAZING.

DiAnn is helping us get organized, stocking our freezer with oatmeal cookies and ironing a 2-month backlog of ironing. We rewarded her with dinner on Saturday night with a Mother's Day Eve (avoiding the crowds) at the Olympia Tea Room in Watch Hill. We previewed the progress on the Ocean House, very impressive. The food at Olympia was great, and the Cappuccino Choc late Muffin and Italian Lemon Cake that we shared were scrumptious.

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