Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grand Opening of Juniper Cafe

No, we don't have any new pets, just five diners at Juniper Cafe here at Hangman Hill. Note the foreground of the last photo! The downside of having snow on the ground for so long is that the "winter interest" plants make a tasty treat for some. The photos are a little grainy since they were taken from inside. Kokee did chase them away, eventually, only to have them come back again. What can we say?


Nimwen said...

I think they look very cute in your yard and would appreciate your efforts to keep them there. They look like the same team of five we've seen here. Guess our signs pointing to your yard with the caption "Free Food" did the trick.

-Mark and Jen

Bruno and Sheri said...

The team here said they were going your direction for dessert. We recommended the Chocolate Bourbon Boxwoods